We design every piece to create exactly the effect you want it to have.


Top-tier apparel, drinkware, trade show & signage, technology and much more.


Banners, business cards, calendars, direct mail, vehicle wraps and more.

Work is Love

We create connections for a living. Between us and you, between you and your customers, and among your team members.

Love is Everything

We love this line of work. That’s why we can approach your happiness as the only thing that matters.

Everything Else is Fine Print

Because if we can’t deliver meaningful results in a meaningful way, what’s the point of doing business?

Everything Else is Fine Print

Because if we can’t deliver meaningful results in a meaningful way, what’s the point of doing business?


Average collaboration per client

9Out of10

Clients try us once and never leave


Spent on advertising in over 30yrs

Letter from Joe

Dear Prospective Client,

Over 30 years ago I was in your shoes. Working as a Creative Director at a small firm, unable to receive competitive bids, and struggling to know if I was placing the right projects with the right vendors. The weight of the final outcome was completely on my shoulders. I hired ThirdRail (which was then called Graphic Focus) and I loved their work so much that I ended up becoming an employee, then a partner, and then in 1990 I bought the company.

My job is to ensure that you are not only informed of all your options but that your best interests are taken into account on every project. Unlike individual print shops who have a vested interest in selling you on using their limited services. We move out ahead of you and create value in the preliminary conversations where we craft and define your ideal solution. It is in these planning meetings we can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars simply by steering you in a direction that is in your best interests. Because it is part of our mission to make sure you are properly served and protected every single step, from planning through completion, all the way to fulfillment and delivery.

Although we provide tangibles, our clients say the biggest value they receive is invisible. It was one our clients that suggested our tagline be, “The invisible power behind your brand.” This is the embodiment of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It is my reason for doing business. It gets me up every morning and gives me the greatest joy.

If you are in need of a partner and this letter resonates with you, let’s have a conversation!

Joe Zaniker

The ThirdRail Story

Carol L., California Peace Officers’ Association

“Why do I work with you? Because you are like this third rail that we tap into when we need extra power!”

– Carol L., California Peace Officers’ Association

From customer, to employee, to owner, to ThirdRail. To yet another day of happiness, with you.

You can change your name, but you can’t change your DNA. ThirdRail was once called Graphic Focus, but its core values remain the same: a tireless obsession for our clients’ happiness.

That’s why a young designer and creative director, Joe Zaniker, decided to hire the company. He loved the experience so much, that he ended up an employee, and in 1990, bought the company.

That company has recently been renamed ThirdRail to better reflect our commitment to you; The invisible power behind your brand.

For decades now, we’ve been interested in little else except the very best for our clients.

That has enabled us to secure repeat business, favorable deals with top suppliers, and most importantly, the love and respect of fellow business people and now friends.

That’s our story. What happens next is up to you.