Smart Marketing.

Beautiful Results.

Smart Marketing.

Beautiful Results.

From strategy, to project planning, all the way to execution, we get the job done – when you want it, at the price that fits your budget.

We are your ThirdRail

The invisible power behind your brand.

Your vendor partner on a mission

We shape listening, empathy and tireless dedication into tangible materials that get you exactly where you want to be. Think of us an extension of your organization.


We design every product to leave exactly the mark you want it to leave.

Promotional Products

Top-tier apparel, drinkware, trade show & signage, technology and much more.


Banners, business cards, calendars, direct mail, vehicle wraps and more.

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Clients say we obsess over their happiness. We like to think we’re just doing our job.

In their own words

"ThirdRail always delivers on time and on budget – that’s why I've worked with them for over 18 years!"

– Tom K., ED, ValleyCAN

In their own words

“Working with Joe Zaniker is an absolute joy. He takes the time to cultivate excellent relationships and be a true collaborative partner”

– Pearl S., Marketing Dept., Sacramento Public Library

In their own words

"Joe is a gem, a kind, ethical and communicative professional who I have come to adore. I highly recommend Joe to any business that is looking for a professional to manage every aspect of their marketing needs. ”

– Pia S., Executive Director, Bread of Life Center

Do we have the chemistry to do great, meaningful work... together?

We always work at near-full capacity and have a responsibility to our existing clients. That’s why we can’t take everybody on. In exchange for our loyalty and go-to-the-mat service to you, we ask for a couple of simple things:

  1. That your product or service is not unethical or harmful
  2. That you pay in a timely and agreed-upon manner
  3. That you treat us like an extension of your team and not just a “vendor”
  4. That you bring us in early in the planning process so we can create the greatest value for you

If that’s a resounding yes, then let’s get started right away!